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Side view of EVSE Tester showing schuko outlet and fuseholder

The EV-Simulator is suitable for testing 230 Volt AC and 400 Volt AC charging stations. It tests the 'communication' and the supply of energy. LED indicators indicate voltage and phase rotation. This indicates if the phasing in a 3 phase system is connected clock wise or counter clock wise. 

The EV-Simulator supports the IEC 61851 mode 1, 2 & 3 protocols and is able to test all AC charge points with a Type 2 connection.  

The EV simulator is equipped with a Type-2 male plug. This plug fits the outlet sockets of the charging station. It also fits charging stations with tethered cables.

More specifically the EV-Simulator can test the following things:

- The start or identification procedure (use of button or RFID card onthe charging station might be needed to start the charging process);

- The locking mechanism (if applicable);

- EVSE activates and provides voltage (230 Volt / 400 volt);

- At a 400 volt charger, phase indicators provide phase information;

- Testing of Residual Current Device in charger or elsewere in the circuit;

- Using an oscilloscope the communication signal can be visualized;

- Using an external load, the kwh meter, if present, can be tested


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