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Residual Current Device

Testing Residual-current device (RCD) in charging station

RCDs are (generally) designed to quickly and automatically disconnect a circuit when it detects that the electric current is not balanced between the supply and return conductors of a circuit.

EVSE tester close-up

The RCD test button of the EV-Simulator will activate the Residual current Device (RCD) in the charge point. If this red button is pressed then an RCD trip is generated by current leakage of 30 mA to ground (earth fault).

Be aware that the initial buttons  must be in the position: Proximity: 'I' of 'II', Communicatoion switched: Ready 'on' and Charge 'on'. The blue LED(s) but be on before activating the RCD trip button.  

After a short push on Red button all LEDs on the tester should turn off. This indicates a RCD trip has happened in the charging station. Make sure to reset the RCD before continuing other activities.  

In some cases, the RCD might be on a location outside the Charging station, make sure you know the location and have access to it in order to reset the RCD.

Earth Fault switch in charger

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