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About EV-Simulator

Printed Circuit Boards are inhouse developed

In 2014, the EV-Simulator was designed by FluxDrive ( To accomodate further growth, in 2020 IQLaad B.V. (www, took over the EVSimulators.

For IQLaad, it is perfect complementary to the smart EV Charging products. IQlaad planns to further develop the EVSimulators. 

The EV-Simulator is a flagship product which is completely in house developed and is used by many installers in Europe, 

Partner Blueview production capacity for fluxdrive

Blueview Noviomagum 
As demand grew quickly, expansion of production was needed. A partnership with Blueview Noviomagum (Dutch language) was sought. Blueview is a 'social firm' with locations in Apeldoorn and Nijmegen. Blueview with their unique resources and production capacity allows to scale up production as further growth in the demand is trending. 


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NL 7313BK Apeldoorn


Telephone & WhatsApp:
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