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Communication protocol

Commisioning charging stations professionally

Communication Protocol

A specific communication protocol between the electric vehicle and charging station ensures safe use of electric power at all circumstances, even in the roughest (weather) conditions. This communication protocol is essential for the charging process and is defined in the IEC 61851 standard. This protocol is an international standard for electric vehicle conductive charging systems and is similar to SAE J1772.

The EV-Simulator makes it possible to determine whether the charging station is communicating correctly (with the car that is simulater by the EV simulator). The locking system (if available), locking system and phase direction can be tested, The disconnection and termination of the loading session can also be tested. 

The video below illustrates briefly what actions must be taken to perform certain checks.

While most chargers are of typoe IEC 61851 mode 3, also the IEC 61851 mode 2 protocol can be tested and the, very rare, IEC 61851 mode 1 is supported too! 


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