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Switch configurations

Commisioning charging stations professionally

The EV simulator can help to test if the charging station is capable of delivering the desired power to an electric vehicle. Before power is supplied to the electric vehicle, the charging station monitors (the state of) the connection with the electric vehicle. This state can be 'No EV', 'Plug Connected', 'EV connected' and 'EV charging'. 

Underlying tabel illustrates  which switch configuration simulates which state. 

Table with switch configuration

Two switches allow to set the 'EV Ready' and 'EV Charge' states simulating respectively the connection of the EV and the request from the EV to charge. If the 'EV charging' status is set, the electric vehicle receives receievs a voltage from the charging station from which it can draw a current. 

The CP signal, generated by the charge point, can be visualised on a oscilloscope or multi-meter by connecting it to the BNC connector on the EV-Simulator.

By connecting a load to the Schuko socket, the energy meter (kwh) can be tested. The energy meter can be installed in the charging station in various forms. It can be integral part of the electronics of te station or it can be a MID compliant external meter. It will commnicate the load to the back office software and by that the consumption of energy can be observed in the back office software systems.


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